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Do you have any volunteer in your hospital

  • Friday, January 29, 2021 07:26
    Reply # 10045601 on 9859384

    We have had not had any volunteers in house since March of 2020. Our area has been having too many ups and not enough downs with Covid. We hope to bring them back onboard again in April 2021.

  • Thursday, January 28, 2021 15:18
    Reply # 10044137 on 9859384
    Deleted user

    We had all our volunteers return in June, but then our visitation policy changed on January 1st due to the increase of Covid patients; and they had to leave again.  Currently, we don't have any volunteers in our facility.  I am so ready for things to get back to normal! 

  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021 16:21
    Reply # 9879215 on 9859384

    Thanks everyone for responding to my topic about volunteers returning.  This has been very helpful.  I sure do miss everyone. 

    Stay safe


  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021 09:46
    Reply # 9877184 on 9859384

    We have around 15 volunteers back working in the gift shops, cancer centers and putting inpatient packets together. 

  • Monday, January 18, 2021 10:46
    Reply # 9872871 on 9859384
    Torrey Goard (Administrator)

    This is good information to hear.  We currently have no volunteers back on site.  I have one volunteer who is also an employee that puts packets together for me and was granted permission to help occasionally since he works there too.

    Miss you all! 

  • Friday, January 15, 2021 09:48
    Reply # 9861047 on 9859384

    We have about 90 volunteers back (far less than our 700+ pre-COVID) and they are serving as shuttle cart drivers, Ambassadors (Main Entrance, Cancer Center, Surgical Pavilion and Vaccination Clinic), Wheelchair Roundup, Volunteer RNs and some who assist with patient discharges.  All had to attend a COVID Training session (PPE use, handwashing protocol, etc.) and sign a COVID Acknowledgement Form.  We do not anticipate bringing any more in until the COVID numbers begin to trend down.

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  • Friday, January 15, 2021 09:43
    Reply # 9861039 on 9859384

    We do have several service areas where we are placing volunteers:  Outpatient Center - escorting/transporting patients, Same Say Surgery Waiting, FaithHealth, Gift Shop and twice a month for Eye Surgery where we utilize approx. 12 volunteers each time. Those who are currently volunteering must wear surgical masks, eye protection and are being educated on more stricter sanitation rules. No volunteers are allowed in the ED or patient rooms. All volunteers that have returned are being offered the COVID vaccine and all but one of them have jumped at the chance to receive the vaccine.  As of last week, we have stopped all visitation (again) with the exception of one support person for maternity patients, pediatric patients and end of life. 

    We also have several FaithHealth volunteers who have been set up with computers at home so they can continue to assist clients. Those volunteers play an important role with FaithHealth but do not feel comfortable coming into the hospital. None of our FaithHealth volunteers are seeing patients, everyone is done by phone and/or mail.   

     I hope this helps!  

  • Friday, January 15, 2021 09:28
    Reply # 9861020 on 9859384
    Deleted user
    Judy Naylor wrote:

    Has anyone had any volunteers return?

    What areas are they assigned? 

    No - - we don't have anyone working at this time.
  • Friday, January 15, 2021 08:43
    Reply # 9860927 on 9859384

    We have about 15 volunteers currently serving Information Desk, Gift Shop, and Surgical Waiting Room.  

  • Thursday, January 14, 2021 14:45
    Message # 9859384

    Has anyone had any volunteers return?

    What areas are they assigned? 

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