Certification Program

The North Carolina Healthcare Volunteer Professionals (NCHVP) Board of Directors took giant steps towards fulfillment of its principal purpose and objectives when it established certification for its members. The program was launched in the fall of 1981, making North Carolina the second state to adopt such a program. Certification is the highest professional standard of any organization and is an optional peer review program for its eligible members. Certification will provide a guide to self-development and attainment of greater educational competence and higher level of professional standards. Certified members can be recognized by the designation CHVM (Certified Healthcare Volunteer Manager).  If you are interested in the Certification Program, please contact Melinda Scott, Certification Chair at mailto:melinda.scott@unchealth.unc.edu or click below to open the 2021 Certification Application and Confidentiality Agreement. 

Deadline for submission for current NCHVP members is November 1, 2021.

Invitation to Certify 2021.pdf    Application for Initial Certification 2020.pdf   Confidentiality Agreement Cert Applicant

Application for Recertification 2021.docx




Objectives of Certification

Certification is designed to raise standards, increase knowledge and improve volunteer services management in health care. It is an organized program through which professional competency and advancement can be planned and documented. Certification signifies excellence in  the  practice of managing volunteer services in a health care facility and aids the employer in identifying qualified professionals. Certification will recognize individuals who have demonstrated expertise in their field and who maintain high professional standards.


Certified Members - Certified in Healthcare Volunteer Management (CHVM)

Donna Archer

Michelle Bare  

Sylvia Beamer

Jean Clark

Natalie Clark

Kim Davis

Jackie Kennedy     

Janice McSweeney          

Paula O’Briant

Melinda Scott

Debbie St. Clair

Cindy Strother

Chad Tucker





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