Greetings, NCHVP Members,

I know that when this year started none of us with NCHVP could have predicted how the year would have gone.  I can say with confidence that this has been the most challenging year of my career in healthcare volunteer management.  I imagine that is true for many if not most NCHVP members.  The optimist in me says that great challenges can bring us great opportunities. 

As we move forward into unchartered territories in healthcare the NCHVP Board is committed to finding innovative ways to engage with you and provide you with timely, relevant education.  I’m excited as we begin a new year to see how we will continue to support one another and learn from one another.  Volunteer Professionals by nature are resilient, innovative and resourceful.  We will make it through these troubling times.  I encourage you to reach out to your peers across the state with questions, concerns and to share your ideas for how we best manage our volunteer programs in light of COVID-19.

On behalf of the Board, I can say that we are committed to facilitating these connections with one another in creative, virtual ways until we can be together in person again.

I wish you all good health and peace of mind. 

Aubrey Barnard, NCHVP President

If you are new to healthcare volunteer services management NCHVP will connect you with experienced professionals who will help you piece together the volunteer management puzzle. 

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Have a Story to Share!  Post your organizational news, inspirational quotes, blogs, etc. to the membership.  Members can subscribe to get the latest news/blogs!  


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