National Volunteer Week

  • Wednesday, April 07, 2021 10:06
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    I'm making a gift bag for all the volunteers who have returned to active volunteering.  Also will have a "Volunteer Appreciation Week" banner in the main lobby--they all have to come that way to get their lunch tickets so hopefully they'll look up and see it.

  • Tuesday, April 06, 2021 15:28
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    We will be doing a "drive thru" gift pick-up event for all of our active volunteers as well as those who have indicated they want to come back in the next phase of our Volunteer Return Plan.  It will be held at our Family House.

    We will also have a "coffee truck" set up on hospital grounds for active volunteers to get a free cup of coffee.

    Our CEO will speak to the volunteers through a Zoom event.

    Definitely looks different this year but we hope to keep our volunteers engaged and let them know that they are appreciated!

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  • Monday, March 15, 2021 12:15
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    Aubrey Barnard (Administrator)

    We haven't settled on an exact plan yet, but have considered a few options.

    • Mailable gift to all active volunteers (even those not quite ready to come back).  We are looking at small notebooks that would be personalized with their name (we would do the work using my Cricut).
    • For volunteers on site, small individually package cupcakes or bundt cakes for the Volunteer Week.
    • A "welcome back" gift bag with a snack bar, glasses wipe to reduce fog and a small hand sanitizer.  

    I would love to hear what others are doing.  

  • Friday, March 12, 2021 09:23
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    Please share your ideas on how you will be recognizing your volunteers in April.  I'm at a loss, as I have been sending small gifts all throughout the year.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  

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